Once in a while, I want to archive a copy of an email I am sending. One can accomplish this in several ways but I’ve found that sending it to myself is the least cumbersome way to make it happen. To make this more automatic, a mail rule comes in handy…

The Rule:

Move all mail sent from your address that has “>2ARCH<” in the subject line to the archive folder and mark it as read. Stop processing other mail rules.

Handling mail:

To copy a reply to the archive, add “>2ARCH<” to the subject line of the reply and include yourself in the CC or BCC line.

When this message comes back to you, the rule will automatically move it to the archive. Having “>2ARCH<” in the subject line of the email might turn the recipient on to the fact that you are archiving the email. Personally, I don’t care about this. If you do, you could certainly change this to something else so long as it is unique and your rule is looking out for it. I need this little indicator because of another routing rule I have, if you don’t have such a rule, then it is even easier, just skip the “>2ARCH<” part of the rule and don’t worry about adding anything to the subject line.

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