Matt Berninger of The National and EL VY in The Telegraph:

I was well into my thirties and I was creative director at a new-media company, dating a Swedish girl and flying to Stockholm on weekends. I was doing well. But, once I entertained the thought that maybe I wouldn’t ever have to go and sit in conference rooms with Mastercard to discuss web ads again, I couldn’t shake it…

I reference wikipedia a lot, but it’s not often that I find such an inspirational quote.

A friend of mine once said “…life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.”

In The Tail End*, Tim Urban does a bit of visual analysis on the amount of time we spend with those important to us. In many cases, it dwindles as we age–something to think about while prioritizing those resolutions next week.

A quick search attributes this quote to Andy Rooney, I’m not sure if it was originally his or not. Regardless, it is a particularly apt quote.