In the chef’s words:

The theme for this one is Thai, or at least Thai-flavored, since the menu takes some license.

Thai-spiced watermelon soup with crab
Thai-style cucumber salad
Pork larb

Sabai Sabai Cocktail

Main Course
Clams with coconut curry broth
Crab fried rice with shrimp

Ravines Dry Riesling, 2015

Thai-Style grilled chicken (gai yang)
Bok Choy

Pierre Spark Pinot Blanc, 2015

Sweet sticky rice with mango

Thai Iced Tea
Pazo Cilleriro Albariño, 2015

Chef: Matt
Sous Chef: Dario
Photographer: Angela

Brendan writes about the burden foisted upon the button presser. Who is the button presser? They are the one that lines up at the train door first.

Unless that train is in the US where we don’t have such buttons. I’ve often wondered why so many other countries give passengers a button to press to open doors. Perhaps the designers of trains have decided that our populace isn’t really qualified to push buttons.