Pomodoro Timer Shield in the Wild

Pomodoro Timer ShieldLast year, I designed and built a Pomodoro Timer shield for the Arduino. It was a small, personal project that I didn’t think anyone else would have much interest in. So, I was surprised with someone from The Netherlands contacted me recently asking if I had any more boards. I had two extras, which I was more than happy to sell at cost. The buyer wasted no time in soldering these up and the finished product appeared on a Dutch forum yesterday.

I’m really happy to see that someone else is getting some use out of this little project. Also, it also serves as a much needed reminder, for me, that the internet is much more than just an advertising platform.

Rye and UX

Dylan Wilbanks on Why He Drinks Rye (and how it relates to UX):

The difference between whiskey and rye is like the difference between consumer design and enterprise design. Whiskey is for the masses; rye is a niche drink. Whiskey seeks to be forgiving to drinkers; rye does not negotiate. Whiskey can be complex; rye doesn’t know any other way.