Matt Berninger of The National and EL VY in The Telegraph:

I was well into my thirties and I was creative director at a new-media company, dating a Swedish girl and flying to Stockholm on weekends. I was doing well. But, once I entertained the thought that maybe I wouldn’t ever have to go and sit in conference rooms with Mastercard to discuss web ads again, I couldn’t shake it…

I reference wikipedia a lot, but it’s not often that I find such an inspirational quote.

Amazon EchoWe received an Amazon Echo as a gift. It’s pretty cool. For the most part, it tells us the weather, and plays music–so far anyway.

I was happy to learn that there is a way to add additional functionality with Skills. I spent some time hacking around with the Alexa Skills Kit but have nothing worth sharing yet.

For those looking to use the Echo as an interface, Lindo St. Angel has a comprehensive writeup on their reference project, which is a voice controlled alarm panel. There’s a lot of good information and sample code in that repository.

via hackaday