MailChimp on Research and Process

Issue 29 of the MailChimp UX Newsletter has some good advice on sharing usability test findings with the wider team. Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass recommends sharing an entire usability test video with time-stamped notes. This lets people get right to the parts of the video they might care about most, but still allows for exploration and additional context as needed.

Last Mile

Last MileA friend just moved offices and he’s now directly across the street from me. The idea is that two transceivers would communicate with each other using visible and infrared light. People on either end could send a message to the other office. The visible light would be sent as morse code, so to a trained observer, the messages would not be private. Also, the transceivers would automatically identify themselves on a regular basis, the identity could include a URL for more information about the project, or even a way to send a message.

I thought this would be a fun little project that would foster some interoffice camaraderie. The idea is far from unique, and it’s a bit redundant given that we could contact each other in a variety of other ways–but it would still be fun to build. However, I’ve given up on the idea for now given that the security people from both firms would rip these transceivers out the moment they found them.

A Seriously Functional Studio

In this video, Casey Neistat takes us on a tour of his very, very functional New York City studio. If you’re looking for ways to make your workshop better, or if you wish you had a workshop, it’s worth the 16 minutes.

via Core77

Axure Flat UI Kit

Axure Flat UI KitAxure users aiming to create very high fidelity wireframes with very flat design might want to check out the Axure Flat UI Kit. It looks to be a nice kit kit with lots of functional widgets. It isn’t free, but if it is the design aesthetic one is going for, it could save a lot of time.

via Wireframes Magazine