Axure Flat UI Kit

Axure Flat UI KitAxure users aiming to create very high fidelity wireframes with very flat design might want to check out the Axure Flat UI Kit. It looks to be a nice kit kit with lots of functional widgets. It isn’t free, but if it is the design aesthetic one is going for, it could save a lot of time.

via Wireframes Magazine

Hotel WiFi Ratings

If you’re planning a hotel stay and WiFi speeds are important to you, a visit to Hotel WiFi Test may be in order before booking a room. The site ranks hotels around the world based on their WiFi speed. The data used to rank the hotels is outsourced. So, if you’re staying in a hotel, you can help make the rankings more accurate.

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Produce Humor

Fun Guy MushroomsI’ve seen many, humorous produce brand names over the years. “Sasquash” and “Look Ma, Carrots!” are great, but they don’t match up to “Fun Guy Mushrooms”. Especially if one recalls the bad joke with the “…hey, we’re a couple of fungis!” punchline.

My First Week with Android

AndroidFor my work, I need to understand the Android operating system from more than just a conceptual level–I need to use it. To that end, I picked up a refurbished HTC One (M7) to use as my primary device for a while. It’s been a week now, so I thought I’d record some of my early observations.

The short story is, I don’t hate it. Coming from me, this is a glowing review. As a long time iOS user that was quite happy with the way my phone was working, I expected this to be a bad experience. But, this first week has been quite good. Not quite good enough to convince that I’ll never go back to an iPhone, but I’m certainly edging in that direction.

If you’re interested in the longer story, keep reading for some more detailed notes…

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