Verizon says it plans to utilize its existing payphone infrastructure to offer wireless internet access. This is in response to declining payphone business brought about by the widespread use of cell phones. Verizon also mentions that they don’t feel that they could charge for this service immediately because they would not have adequate coverage, it would simply be an add on for their existing broadband customers.

via Doc Searls Weblog

If you read further in this article, it mentions that they are also about to cut prices of their DSL service. Let’s hope that this will force other broadband providers (e.g. Time Warner) to drop their prices as well.

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  1. Wireless walker

    Bill Koslosky MD, the Wireless-Doc took a walk last weekend to check out how prevalent Wi-fi access is in Manhattan. I’m glad to hear that the Verizon coverage is good. I’m not sure I’m ready to drop my cable modem…

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