You would think that after seeing rain 27 out of the last 50 business days, New Yorkers would quit talking about the weather, yet it continues to be a hot topic. Despite the ongoing grey skies and rain slicked streets, life goes on. I attended a wedding Friday night that cheerily went on in a generous friend’s apartment due to fears that the gray skies might open up while in Central Park.

So we are all wet, pizza deliveries and party tent rentals are up. I would hate to be saddled with a share in a beach house this year. The season is rapidly approaching its mid-point, and the sun has only peeked out from behind the clouds for a few weekend hours at a time (at best).

New York’s crime rate is also a topic of conversation. Recent crime figures have been showing an increase in crime. Most alarming is probably the 17.5% spike in murders over the past four weeks.

I think there is a correlation between our recent spell of grey skies and the spike in homicides. Other parts of the world that traditionally have overcast skies tend to also have high rates of depression and drug abuse. New Yorker’s are not strangers to depression or drug abuse, but we do expect to get our fair share of summer. When it doesn’t happen, it seems that New Yorker’s start killing each other.

This is a bold theory, but so far, it seems to be the only one out there. NYPD’s top cops are calling emergency meetings to try and figure out what is going on. I say look no further. We already know an extended heat wave can spark violence in the city, why can’t a month of rain and below average temperatures?

Unfortunately, finding a solution to this problem might not be easy. We all know that we can’t change the weather, so we might just have to wait it out. Eventually, the sun will shine again. By the end of the summer, we will have plenty of days to complain about the oppressive heat and test our air conditioners. Perhaps the city should have a mandatory Day at the Beach holiday for all residents on the next sunny day, just to get everyone back to their normal cheery dispositions.

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