San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver and Portland have all been host cities for Bikesummer, now it is New York’s turn. Here is an excerpt from the history section of their site:

In the late summer of 1998, a former board member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition circulated a letter that included a list of proposals for reenergizing the dispirited SF bike community. Buried in that list at number 7—after “suing the city” and “reeducating traffic engineers” —was the idea of a “Bicycle Summer”—”bringing thousands of monomaniacal riders from all over the world for an all-out conversion on the city streets.”

Be sure to check out their calendar, they have loads of biking events going on this month around the city. The “Central Park Traffic-Calming” ride sounds like it could be fun in a civil disobedience kind of way.

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