The Daily News reports that Galan, one of the hawks in Bryant Park, attacked a chihuahua on Tuesday afternoon. The shaken dog received a puncture wound and some scratches. Galan has been grounded and the safety of the entire hawk program has been called into question. Apparently the hawk mistook the dog for a rat and went on the attack.

While I can’t help but feel bad for the dog, I can see how a chihuahua, or any of the other tiny dog varieties commonly seen on Manhattan streets, could look like a juicy rat from the air. But, ratlike dogs were not on the official list of nuisances to be eradicated from the park by the hawks which apparently only included pigeons and actual rats. Perhaps they should send Galan over to the firehouse on Hillside and 153rd Street in Jamaica to take care of their rat problem.

3 thoughts on “Drop the Chalupa

  1. I think Galen would have a harder time taking on those rats at the firehouse than he got from that Chihuahua. I bet 2 to 1 he’d rather to pick on ratlike dogs rather than to take on the actual dog-sized rats they are growing over there in Queens.

  2. Let’s send Galen to Washington instead? How many times do we attack a brilliant opportunity and it end up being a dog. Can’t fault Galen. He’s just being a little bit of birdbrain.

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