A few weeks ago I wrote about my search for an online RSS aggregator. While there are several options out there, I really wasn’t happy with any of them. So, I decided to use Feed on Feeds, a simple yet effective server side RSS aggregator. It runs on my server and is written in PHP, so I can control it.

I used Feed on Feeds for a little over a week. It served its purpose, but left me wanting for some additional features. Sure, I could either beg the author to add the features or add them myself. Either way, it wasn’t going to work like NewsGator. I know I know, if I like NewsGator so much, why don’t I just use it? Well, as I said in my prior post, I wanted something online so I could access it from anywhere, this is the only reason I am not using NewsGator.

There was one other thing I really liked about NewsGator: Since the RSS feeds were in an e-mail client I could easily forward individual items to people. So, why not just convert the RSS feeds to e-mail and send them to myself? That accomplishes two things: It effectively gives me an online aggregator since I am using a webmail interface, and I can forward items easily via e-mail.

After a quick search, I found Aaron’s RSS E-mail Aggregator. This is a straight forward python script that uses Mark Pilgrim’s Ultra Liberal RSS Parser and Aaron’s html2text converter. After a few minutes of configuration I had the script running as a cron job and sending all of my feeds via e-mail. So far, this looks like a great solution. I wonder if someone is offering a service like this online that I don’t know about?

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