It looks like Hurricane Isabel is heading our way. I thought I would see what the city had to say about it, as it turns out they have quite a bit to say about hurricanes. First of all, my building is in a flood zone. I’m in good company though, it looks like pretty much everything below Canal street is (or will be) in the same boat. You can find out what zone you’re in with the Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder on

The Office of Emergency Management has all kinds of other information available in their Ready New York Guide which is part of (you guessed it) the Ready New York Campaign. With this guide you can find out how to hook up your own go bag and what you should do in case of earthquake, radiation exposure, chemical release, death ray or thunderstorm.

All right, just to set the record straight, I had a lot of fun at the expense of the “go baggers”, but I learned my lesson during the blackout. Left with about five dollars in my pocket, I had to swallow my pride and borrow some cash from someone who actually had a well stocked go bag. The moral of the story: Make sure you know where the nearest go bagger is, they can be a valuable source of cash, information, water and energy bars during an emergency.

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