Starting October 3rd LimoLiner will begin luxury bus service from Midtown to Boston. Amenities include seat side power and Internet for your surfing pleasure, reclining leather seats and fresh flowers in the washroom. There is even a private room where you and nine of your colleagues can hold a “meeting before the meeting”. Ah yes, there’s nothing like a four hour meeting while bouncing down the highway to get you prepped for that important presentation. I’ll hand it to the folks at LimoLiner, they’re really trying to take some of the stigma away from bus travel. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the azure water in the toilet as being an “extra touch”. Perhaps they will be able to elevate coach travel to its former glory. Remember when Greyhound and Bonanza were associated with luxury rather than being mugged at the Port Authority? Neither do I. Do yourself a favor and take the train.

via Gothamist and Gawker

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