I appreciate when the press runs a positive story about baldness. So I was happy to see Richard Sandomir’s story in the Sunday Times this week. Sandomir decided go for the big shave after Charles Barkley asked him if he was “thinking of coming home.” Aaron over at 601am also shares his story of when he decided to shave it all off. He was much bolder than I, not only did he seem to reach the decision on his own, he actually did the shaving on his own as well. You truly are a brave man Aaron.

The Sunday Times article really hit home since I had the exact same conversation before I decided to go for a more aerodynamic look. No, I didn’t talk to Charles Barkley, but I asked a friend about shaving, and he responded with “it’s time to come home” as well. The next morning I found myself in the barber’s chair with three barbers asking me if I really wanted the number 1. In hindsight, I think they might have been a bit more worried about loosing a customer than how I might look without what little hair I had left. In the end I compromised and went with the slightly longer and somewhat less bold number 2. I was a bit nervous at first but I was happy with the results. In a few weeks, I was back at the barber shop insisting on the number 1. More recently, I decided to invest in my own clippers since the barber shop would not give me a frequent flyer discount, sorry guys.

Why am I boring my three irregular readers with a story about my most recent hairstyle? Well, first of all, this post can’t be any more ridiculous than the last one about Bender and the Robot Hall of Fame, I’m really reaching here folks. Seriously though, any man thinking of shaving his head should have free access to positive stories about doing so. So guys, this page contains links to two of those stories, and I’m here to tell you I’m not going back either. If you’re on the edge about it, go talk to one of your bald friends, I’m sure you have at least one. As soon as they tell you it’s time to come home, you’ll be ready.

For those of you who are already sporting the get up and go look, you might want to check out the HeadBlade. I’m sticking with the electric clippers for now, but a friend of my swears by it and it is one of the coolest shaving devices I have seen.

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