Jonas and I hatched the idea of Mr. Martini several years ago at the Red Room. It was to be an automated bartender, the details were kind of sketchy, but it would be able to make an excellent martini, wear a bow tie and crack corny jokes. Mr. Martini, like so many other bar room ideas, quietly faded away over time.

A recent post on slashdot makes me belive that Mr. Martini could one day be a reality. Five German guys have built Punica, the Portable UNIversal Cocktail Assembler. The Linux powered bartender runs the open source Mixit software package. Their web site does not mention wether or not it can mix a killer martini, if not, I’m sure an enterprising developer can write a stir/shake module. Punica was inspired by Bar Monkey, another Linux powered cocktail dispenser. Bar Monkey is not all that portable, but version 2 is quite impressive.

These projects prove that when technology and liquor meet, great things happen.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Martini

  1. what man can conceive, man can achieve…

    now that someone else has done the hard work (and are offering it up as open source!) maybe we can figure out how to put a bow tie on it.

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