Earlier this week, I was thinking about how cool it would be if Vonage offered softphones. Well, as Gizmodo points out, current Vonage customers can add a softphone line to their account for $9.99 a month. However, it is somewhat unfortunate that one must add a line to take advantage of this service. First of all, who wants yet another phone number to deal with? The other reason is of course the additional $9.99 per month. This might be a reasonable deal for some, if they travel a lot, but for the occasional softphone user, $9.99 seems a bit steep compared to their other prices.

This new feature would be more attractive if it could simply be added to an existing Vonage line. It should also be configurable so the soft phone, when available, overrides the Cisco ATA router without user intervention. This would allow someone on the road to turn on their smartphone and receive incoming calls on their laptop immediately without reconfiguring call forwarding thorough Vonage’s web interface. A seamless service offering like this would be worth an additional few dollars a month and would not add require any additional management by the customer.

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