c|net offers an interesting look at what Apple uses to run their business. It’s nice to know that they use their own products extensively in the back office. Xserve is the server of choice in their data center; there are some Sun and IBM servers as well. Over half of Apple’s storage is housed on IBM Shark and FastT boxes. EMC and Xserve RAIDs account for the rest of the storage capacity. Apple claims they will have more than half of their data stored on Xserve RAIDs by the end of their fiscal year.

Apple claims that Macintosh based servers are easier to administer and secure than the alternatives. The proof is in the in help desk in this case. Apple has only 27 people on the help desk. That works out to 433 employees per help desk person. So either the Macs run fairly trouble free, or people wait on hold forever when they call the IT department.

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