New York bar goers will be having disjointed text conversations with other like minded singles soon. Time2flirt allows people to flirt, via SMS, with others in the same bar, without revealing their phone number. Time2flirt is all the rage in the UK; it is expected to hit New York City as early as spring.

From their site:

In four quick steps you can be sending messages back and forward to anyone you see in the bar!

  • Send a text message containing a key word to a designated central number. A reply text message comes back giving you a unique user number.
  • Show this text to the party host and claim a Time2Flirt badge for the night – a bright, easily identifiable number for sticking on your clothes.
  • From now on you can text people merely by sending a message that contains the number of the person you want to send it to, to the designated Time2Flirt number. e.g to send a text to person wearing badge 27, you would send a text saying “27 u look like a texy person”
  • message. The receiver of the message will know the playing number of the sender but no real mobile numbers are ever exchanged.

From this point forward it’s up to you! You’ll be totally in control of your messaging, choosing who you text with and when you want to stop. When the night’s over, time2flirt stops and your phone will get a rest!

Get your texting thumb ready! If you need some help, pre-program a few lame pick-up lines into your phone; you’ll be the life of the party…

via textually

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