Career Gear Capital PerSuit 2004Career Gear is celebrating their fifth anniversary next week with Capital PerSuit 2004. Their site sums up Career Gear’s mission nicely:

Career Gear is a nonprofit organization that fills the gap between job-training programs and employment by providing men with interview clothing, motivation and follow-up support that helps them get and keep jobs.

Over the years, Career Gear has helped thousands of men around the country return to work. Through their alumni program, Career Gear continues to help former clients by providing a forum for men to discuss job related issues with other alumni. Guest speakers also speak about such topics as time management and career advancement. The funds raised at Capital PerSuit help to support these programs and ensure that Career Gear will help men in our communities for many years to come.

Capital PerSuit has always been an excellent event, and this year looks like it is going to be the best yet. Tickets are available online, please consider attending the fund raiser to support this wonderful organization.

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