There was a good crowd present at the tunnel exit on East 35th last night to watch the elephants walk to Madison Square Garden. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, even after it started snowing again. A big thank you goes out to whoever was playing the music, Sugar Hill Gang was an excellent first choice.

I promised pictures to several people, but my camera does not do so well in dark conditions. The pictures I did get were so poor that the elephants were barely distinguishable. Fortunately Bluejake and WhatISee both shot some great pictures. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Elephants Take Manhattan

  1. Hey, thanks for the report and links to some great pics — it looks like a fun night, despite the weather. I’m glad you braved it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for better weather next year.

    Were there any animals besides elephants? It would be great to see a giraffe walking down 34th, don’t you think?

  2. It would be even better to see cleo walking down 34th street in between 2 elephants — hissing at everything in her path, of course..

  3. No other animals (not even a cleo). I think the giraffes might have a problem fitting in the tunnel. Their neck would probably be really stiff if they had to slouch over the whole time.

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