NewYorkish posts the second in a series of “Ask the Expert” articles today with The Doorman. They have managed to answer a couple of burning questions for me:

NYish: True or false: starting in November, you start acting really nice because you know your Christmas tips are coming.

Victor: That’s true, I guess. I mean, I’m nice all year round, but we all make an extra effort right before the holidays. We’ve got a lot of money coming to us.

NYish: And naturally you report those earnings to the IRS, right?

Victor: [laughs; doesn’t respond]

NYish: Last question: Ever use that taxi call light on the top of the canopy to get someone a cab?

Victor: No, never. It works though. I tried it one time just to see.

Monday’s expert was Ed the air conditioning guy who had some answers about the water droplets we are all pelted with on warm days:

Ed: It’s water. Basically what happens is warm air passes over cooling coils and the cooling action causes condensate to form. That’s what drips off the cooling coils.

NYish: So you know for sure that it’s not urine or spit then?

Ed: If it was piss, it wouldn’t be little drops. And it would be yellow. Spit? Yea, I guess it could be, but you’d able to tell the difference.

NYish: How?

Ed: Well, one’s made of fuc*ing water and the other’s sticky, right?

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