Boston (Watertown to be exact) taxis will start offering electronic payment options including MobileLime’s pay by phone feature. Pay by phone is intriguing, but how would you like to be in line behind someone following MobileLime’s payment instructions:

  1. Let the clerk know you wish to pay using MobileLime™
  2. Dial 866-360-LIME (Note: we recommend settings this up as a speed dial from your phone.)
  3. Enter the location ID that is displayed at the terminal + #
  4. Enter your pin + # to approve the transaction.
  5. Listen for new specials or rewards you’ve earned from the merchant.

Granted, one can pre-approve purchases up to one hour before making a payment. However, given that many people can’ t seem to get their cash ready while standing in line, there probably won’t be too many pre-approvals happening. The other downfall of this system is that those who like to multi-task by chatting on the phone while making purchases will need to figure out how to put those important calls on hold while they attempt to call MobileLime.

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