Many websites ask for registration, each one requires creating yet another login and password. It is difficult to remember so many different passwords, and writing them down kind of defeats the purpose. Using the same password everywhere is also risky. After all, a cracked web site might reveal your default password which could be used to gain access to your account on another site.

Enter Nic’s password generator bookmarklet. Adding this to your browser’s toolbar will allow you to use a master password without ever revealing the actual password to any site. The bookmarklet uses javascript, the site’s domain name and an MD5 algorithm to create a unique password for each site.

The bookmarklet works with Safari and Mozilla, if you are using IE, I recommend that you install Firefox now. There are plenty of other reasons to use Firefox, but the password generator bookmarklet might be as good as any. If you’re a diehard IE user, you can also use the online version of the bookmarklet from any browser you wish.

Thanks Nic!

via Simon Willison’s Weblog

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