Jonathan over at atmaspheric | endeavors has been writing about Vonage quite a bit lately. I totally agree on the softphone issue by the way.

Vonage offers a great service, especially for the price. One of their big selling points is their web interface that can be used to control phone features, very convenient. Lately, I’ve been using the call forwarding feature to send calls to my mobile which has left me wanting for another feature: the ability to control call forwarding via a touch tone interface. This would be very helpful when one wants to turn forwarding on or off but is not near an internet connection.

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  1. Thanks for the links…

    I’d love a dial UI for forwarding. I don’t always have access to a browser (shame shame) and I’d like to be able to make a quick call to forward. I’ve had business lines from Verizon that have enabled this, though for a cost…

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