Today, Bloglines announced the availability of a webservices API:

The Bloglines Web Services (BWS) let software developers access Bloglines subscription and feed data directly from computer programs. Bloglines uses a RESTful API consisting of a set of URLs, which return data in RSS and OPML formats.

The Bloglines Web Services are currently in Beta test. We are evaluating the usage and results from making these services available, in order to create policies for our full public release…

This makes digesting feeds a bit easier since an application need only speak RSS 2.0 and OPML in order to pull information from BWS. The original site content can be published in any of the feed formats that Bloglines understands, this includes several different versions of RSS and Atom.

Even more exciting for me is the announcement that NetNewsWire and FeedDemon will be using these functions to allow synchronization between their aggregators and Bloglines.

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  1. New Bloglines Web Services

    Yesterday I posted I was looking for an RSS sync capability to enable desktop readers and web based services to link … well it looks like that day will come very soon. This is very cool news… (Thanks JP!)

    Three leading desktop news feed and bl…

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