IT Conversations has an audio recording of a presentation by Steve Wozniak at Gnomedex:

The Gnomedex Geeks-Gone-Wild crowd was fixated on this rare and brilliant presentation by Steve Wozniak, a true geek’s geek. His playing started with games and pranks, crystal-set radios, reading Popular Electronics. Then he met Captain Crunch and got into telco-busting Blue Boxes.

Woz wanted to be an HP engineer forever and never thought he’d start a company, but his friend, Steve Jobs, said, “Let’s sell it!” at every opportunity. Good thing he did, and good thing HP turned down Woz’s offer for the rights to build what would become Apple’s first computer. You’ll enjoy this — one of the best from Gnomedex

This is a two part recording that runs just shy of two hours; it is entirely worth every minute!

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