It seems that everyone, including me, is hoping for a decisive election tonight. If it is, there is sure to be some post election depression. So, what to do with ourselves after all the excitement is over? Worldchanging has an essay that offers some suggestions:

…Because when it comes to solving the real problems facing this planet, neither party in American politics can claim the high ground, or even, to put it bluntly, much grounding in reality at all. In this first presidential election of the 21st Century, a realistic understanding of the problems we face as a planet and the role the U.S. could and should play in solving them should have been a matter of daily debate. Instead, we’ve gotten saber-rattling and name-calling. But pandering to the worst inclinations of the American electorate doesn’t make any of us safer or the world more stable. This year, the entire political establishment has failed grotesquely to speak plainly about the objective realities of the world…

This is a great essay from a great site, and it is definitely worth a read. Lets hope we, as a country, can get to work on some of these issues in the coming years.

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