In addition to pointing to an abundance of information about Sunday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, worldchanging is also working with Architecture for Humanity to raise money to help in the reconstruction effort. Here is some information from worldchanging:

We are formally teaming up with Architecture for Humanity to promote the Architecture for Humanity/ Worldchanging Tsunami Reconstruction Appeal.

AfH has a long, honored tradition of doing astoundingly cutting-edge work. They will be applying 100% of the money raised for this project to the reconstruction itself, with zero overhead costs. Please consider making a donation.

We’d like to raise US$10,000. That would be enough to make a concrete impact in the lives of a number of people: to, for instance, build a new medical clinic (though the precise project will be chosen after consultation with local NGOs, as is usual with AfH projects).

[Update: Just to be absolutely clear, since the question was asked, this fund will be administered by AfH, with some input from the Worldchanging staff — none of the money, however, will be used by either organization for overhead or other expenses. 100% of the money raised will go the impacted communities.]

This is a very worthwhile cause, please consider making a donation today.

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