LostThere is a bulletin board in the laundry room of my building. When someone leaves a stray piece of clothing behind, it ends up tacked to this bulletin board among the advertisements and other notes. It waits there until the rightful owner claims it, presumably the next time they do laundry. Nothing about this is unusual, however, most commonly the lost article is either one black sock, or a thong. In fact, over the past year, there has been a 1:1 relationship between lost thongs and black socks. This strikes me as odd, because I would think that there are many more black socks in the building than thongs, but I guess I could be wrong. I am writing about this not because I am that interested in how strong the correlation is between lost black socks and lost thongs, but because I think it is kind of funny to see someone’s underwear tacked to a bulletin board.

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