craigslist, what a resource! One can find an apartment, bike, date or dominatrix, but most of all it is great for laughs. The casual encounters is probably the best place to find humorous posts, but no section is immune to hilarity. Witness this post from the activity partners section:

Seeking: Arch Nemesis

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Date: 2005-01-03, 12:22PM EST

Recent transplant looking for a worthy and most despicable adversary.

I am: 22, female, Midwest native. I love music, bite my nails and my biggest pet peeve is you. I live and work in the east village, although my opponent does not necessarily need to be in the same area. You need not have any previous experience in the field of crime-fighting, masterminding or villainous laughter. Only a sincere interest in being an arch nemesis is required. Please send me a description of your likes, dislikes and why we would make good enemies. No pics, please.

If you are too busy to sort through craigslist in its entirety on a daily basis, Amy Blair writes about the best bits at the week in craig on The Black Table.

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