Bicycles as delivery vehicles are very common here in Manhattan. Most small restaurants maintain a fleet of bicycles in varying states of disrepair chained to poles or makeshift racks in front of their premises ready to deliver at a moment’s (Okay, 15 or 20 minutes) notice. Bike messengers are also a common site both on the street and in office buildings around town. However, unless you count tourists in pedicabs, it is unusual to see a bicycle carrying heavy and/or bulky cargo.

This is not the case in Northampton Massachusetts where Pedal People specializes bulk. They can carry loads of up to 300 pounds on bicycle towed trailers and maintain regular refuse and recycling pickup in addition to grocery delivery service. According to their website, they have maintained a stellar service record, even during the New England winters. During the ’03/04 winter, they only postponed deliveries twice. Right on!

via Treehugger

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