6 thoughts on “Family Picnic

  1. It is often so that whilst running around looking for the “perfect” motive, one fails to see that it is right there next to you the whole time. I often find that of the images I take, the one that I think the least of, often becomes one of my better shots.

    Anyway, you demonstrate a great control over your colous, they are crisp, defined, and well balanced. The only thing I would recommend on this shot, would perhaps be to whip out your SB800 and use it to tone down the shadowy parts a wee bit

  2. You’re absolutely correct. I even had my flash with me at the time, it should have been on the camera rather than in the bag. Yet another good reason for me to have spent some more time on this one.

  3. hey, i happen to love the picture. i think it turned out great. Thanks for taking it, and for sharing.

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