5 thoughts on “Patisserie

  1. You used a polarizer on that shot! I’m fairly sure you polarized it, and judging by the looks, it’s not just ANY polarizer filter either, it must be.. can it be.. hmm!

    ROYALTIES ya hear me! I want ROYALTIES!


  2. What does the polarizer do and how can he tell that you used one?

    More important, where is this place and is it good? I try to make it my business to know every good place in New York where you can get dessert.

  3. Damn! I knew I should have gotten a signed release from you. OK Pedro, I’ll give you 10% of everything I earn from this photograph :)

    Josh: If you are on Court Street in Brooklyn, dessert can be had here.

  4. Argh, Brooklyn. I am there vanishingly rarely, but if the pastry is really good, I could make a special trip.

  5. Sorry, I forgot to answer your other question Josh: Pedro has a good eye, but in this case, he also let me borrow his circular polarizer :)

    A polarizing filter can be used to reduce reflections. As you can see, there are still a lot of reflections in this picture, but believe me, there were a lot more before I put the filter on. This filter can also be used to create some pretty dramatic blues in the sky as seen in this photograph.

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