Okay, I’m the last person on the planet to get a Treo but it’s new to me. The setup was fairly easy, although, I’ve had Palms before so I am used to the HotSync software and its idiosyncrasies. For example, the Outlook calendar conduit kept defaulting to “do nothing” today. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Anyway, here are a couple random thoughts about the 650:

  • The Versamail/Exchange active sync does not work with our server. No surprise there, we’ll probably need to do some work on the server end to get that working.
  • Versamail works well. The IMAP folder synchronization seems a bit flakey though. Perhaps it works well with providers specifically supported by Palm (e.g. Earthlink). I’m trying to use the mail server from my host and synchronization works sometimes but normally fails. Sending and recieving mail works fine though. I’ll need to keep searching for the answer to folder syncing so that I don’t get dupes on my desktop and webmail clients.
  • After less then 10 minutes, the blinking service light was driving me to distraction. Is it just me or is a blinking green service light on a wireless device akin to Homer’s “everything is OK” alarm? Why there is no built-in way to disable this is beyond me. Luckily, LEDOff, a freeware application, let’s one configure the light.
  • I could not perform the first HotSync using bluetooth. The setup instructions might actually tell one to use USB the first time around. Wether they to or not, the HotSync worked fine with USB (an later with Bluetooth).

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