BikeBlog points to an article on NYC indymedia about the possible banning of pedicabs in Midtown. Pedicabs are currently unregulated, but there are two proposals in City Council to regulate pedicabs (0740-2005 and 0748-2005). One of these proposals seeks to ban pedicabs from operating within a large swath of Midtown while the other details what one might expect from such legislation (licensing, inspection, training etc.).

Some regulation of pedicabs might be in order. They are offering transportation for hire and the public deserves the protection that regulation should provide. However, the rules imposed by the law should not be so burdensome, financially or otherwise, that they prevent people from operating pedicabs. Furthermore, a proposal that intends to ban pedicabs from any part of the city should not become law. Congestion is indeed a problem in Midtown but pedicabs are not the chief contributor. City Council should investigate other means to reduce Midtown traffic.

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