This week’s installment of On the House deals with a subject near and dear to my heart: Televisions in restaurants and bars. It is good to see that someone else has taken exception to the additional TVs that have been cropping up around town. It’s even better to hear that they are going to do something about it:

It’s not too late to save New York though. TV’s are but inanimate objects that can be turned off or removed altogether. Vote with your feet. I won’t eat anywhere that has a TV playing…

Hear, hear! I think I’ll follow Mr. Tigertt’s lead.

A note to restaurant and bar owners: Please, if there is nothing worth watching on, which is most of the time, turn off the damn televisions. There are times when having a TV around is a good thing, but just leaving them on for the sake of leaving them on is indeed quite distracting and really serves no purpose.

One thought on “TV at the Table

  1. I wish restaurant and bar owners would realize that people who want to eat and drink in front of their TV sets are already at home doing so. Going out to for dinner or cocktails is a social event, a chance to talk with friends, meet new people, and enjoy time away from the screens that already fill every part of our life. TV intrudes on the opportunity to socialize and diminishes the quality time we need to have meaningful relationships.

    Plus, it’s super annoying to be sitting a bar with an empty glass while the bald bartender is standing transfixed in front of some commercial for hair care products.

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