Hitchsters, a new airport ride sharing site, launched today for New York City. The free service offers to help people find a suitable fellow passenger to share a cab to or from the airport. Just go to the site, put in your travel details and, if a match is found, each party will receive a text message so the travelers can work out the details.

Their site also mentions the eco-friendly benefit of sharing. Unfortunately, sharing a ride to the airport will do little to offset the amount of jet exhaust that will be injected directly into the atmosphere during your flight. But, every little bit counts right? So, don’t forget that Airtrain, is also available to JFK or Newark.

3 thoughts on “Hitch a Ride

  1. I need to share a rid to Laguardia on tuesday morning, November 21st at around 5 am.
    I live in Ditmas Park area Brooklyn.

  2. If you’re a business traveller coming to or from midtown Manhattan via Newark airport, the AirTrain is definitely the best way to travel. The timing is predictably quick (unlike the tunnels or the bridge), the ride is stress-free, and at fourteen bucks a ticket, it is a bargain.

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