Contrary to the title of this post and my understanding of Google Alerts, RSS or Atom feeds of Google Alert emails are not available. This is too bad since I am always looking for ways to reduce what arrives in my inbox.

While RSS and Atom feeds of Google News searches are available, they will not provide the same information as Google Alerts. The email alerts default to a comprehensive search type that searches the web, blogs and groups in addition to news. Blog search has the same sort of feed mechanism, but web search and group search do not.

It would be nice to have a feed of the comprehensive search. Further, the ability to manage several different alerts from one page would be much easier than managing a bunch of feeds. I’m not sure why Google does not offer alert feeds. I can’t imagine that they are worried about the hit to their systems. It would also seem that the things that they already offer feeds for (news especially) would be more likely to draw opposition from the content creators than web and group search. Perhaps they will offer this one day in the future.

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