There is a great article in the Times about fixed gear bikes. It offers a quick peek into bike culture and introduces a few of the people that make it interesting. Don’t miss the interactive feature which includes some spectacular photographs over audio of the above mentioned people.

Bikeblog wonders if this sort of attention is a good thing or not. Fixed gear enthusiasts, and others, have long complained about inexperienced hipsters riding breakless, fixed gear bikes. So, the thought of thousands of trendies trading in their hybrids and vintage cruisers for fixies is not a pleasant one. This will probably not happen until a vacuous article appears in the Style Section. Shortly after the Style article (and maybe a piece in New York Magazine) there will be a high profile incident on the loop in Central Park involving a track bike and, perhaps, a bugaboo. This will lead to an almost unanimous, citywide call for legislation to outlaw the on-street use of track bikes. Until then, fixed gear bikes should be able to fly under the radar.

For a few, somewhat less spectacular, photos and no audio, check out my pictures from the 2005 Cycle Messenger World Championships.

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