Apparently, a street parking space is worth about $25. At least that was the going rate on the Upper West Side near the Beacon Theatre. Well, until very recently anyway. It’s doubtful that the entrepreneurial types at Avis Car Rental are still selling spaces or even employed by the company after this report from FOX 5 News.

This video is worth watching. It has all the trappings of classic, local news, investigative work: Producers packing hidden cameras, a reporter–appearing as if by magic–asking tough questions, arguments with said reporter and, of course, shaky camera work. Make sure you watch this one to the end for some bonus material (cops and EMTs).

via Streetsblog

2 thoughts on “How Much is a Parking Space Worth?

  1. This is proof that people will pay good money for a public parking spot!

    Think about the possibilities: cash, cash, cash…jail time!

  2. If cash, cash, cash…jail time is what you are looking for, I think there are some more lucrative lines of business you could set yourself up in. The parking venture, however, probably won’t yield any jail time. First, you’ll have to get a gig at Hertz or National–Avis is probably wise to the situation–for your place holders.

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