When I think of an incubator, I envision a bunch of techies feverishly pounding out code for the next big social networking site. Either that or a warm container for hatching chicken eggs. La Cocina is neither of those things, this kichen incubator gives entrepreneurial woman a place to work on their food businesses.

The start up costs for a food related business can be, at best, difficult to overcome. Commercial space and the equipment needed to fill it are prohibitively expensive for someone just starting out. In addition to the kitchen space, La Cocina also has business and culinary professionals on staff to guide the entrepreneurs in their decisions.

This combination of space, tools and expertise coupled with the women’s entrepreneurial spirit and knowhow has led to success. Products from La Cocina can be found at markets and other retail locations throughout the Bay Area and California. Whole Foods is even thinking about introducing one of the products nationally.

via Freelancers Union Blog

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