Hopeful early adopters started queuing early this week to be among the first to get their hands on an iPhone. Tomorrow evening, the iPhone will go on sale and these people will get a chance to go home and take a shower–probably not until they have thoroughly investigated their new toy’s feature set though.

On this eve of iPhoneday, David Pogue has released a good list of questions and answers about the much anticipated device. Since this isn’t a communique from Apple’s marketing department, it asks puts forth some really valid questions like “Can the iPhone replace a BlackBerry?”

The answer to that and several productivity related questions is, unfortunately, no. Most surprising for me was that to-do lists and memos will not sync between the iPhone and PC. Perhaps Apple didn’t think that to-do lists and memos were important to the mass market they are trying to reach. But, with such a powerful and well engineered device, its a shame they didn’t include these basic functions.

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