Update: Lifehacker suggests a few improvements to GMail’s IMAP setup.

If you like GMail, but want to use a different mail client from time to time, you’ll be happy to know that GMail has added IMAP support. To get started, just enable IMAP in your GMail settings and follow the configuration instructions for your mail client.

The best part of this is that any labels used in GMail carry over to the mail client as folders. Folder actions such as copy and move also translate to label actions. For example, if one copies a message from their inbox to a folder, the label that corresponds to the folder name will be applied in GMail. If one moves a message from their inbox to a folder, the label will be applied and the message will be archived.

This is a nice feature for both mobile and desktop users of GMail. If you are currently using POP with GMail, you will probably be better served with IMAP.

via engadget mobile :: engadget

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