Sunday’s nasty weather did not deter curious grazers and locavores from descending on the old Fulton Fish Market for Wintermarket, an event to promote the New Amsterdam Public market. The people at the New Amsterdam propose turning the two, now vacant, Fulton Market buildings into indoor public markets. The goods on offer would be regional and go beyond what is currently available in most of the city’s green markets.

There were several purveyors on hand Sunday and many tasty items to sample. The chilled-out pig in the photo was Mario Batali’s offering for the day; it made for some excellent porchetta sandwiches. Also of note were the Ricotta and the Honey Nougat ice creams from The Bent Spoon of Princeton. I imagine that the Bent Spoon’s other flavors are as superb as these–a trip to Princeton may be in order to find out.

Judging from the turnout Sunday morning, there is more than enough local interest to sustain a downtown market. The buildings at the end of Fulton Street have a rich history as markets and it would be wonderful if they could continue to serve the city in that capacity. You can learn more about the proposed market, and what you can do to help at New Amsterdam Public’s site.

There were plenty of people in the crowd Sunday taking notes and pictures. Here are a few links:

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