NYPD blocking bus stop on 2ndThis is the scene at the bus stop on 2nd Avenue at 34th Street around 17:30 on Tuesday the 15th. Sorry, the image quality here is quite poor, but you can see how the buses are forced to stop in traffic. What you can’t see is that there are at least 3 or 4 of these police vans parked side by side (behind the one shown). I’m sure there’s a good reason for the police to be parked here with their lights flashing; I’ve seen them doing the same thing in this spot once before. But, it seems like fewer people would be inconvenienced if they set up on the other side of the avenue when they are doing whatever they are doing.

Here’s a short list of what is wrong with this picture:

  • Major bus stop is blocked forcing busses to pick up and drop off in the street. If this were a better picture, you could see the woman with a cane that would have had an easier time boarding from the curb.
  • Police vans backed up onto the sidewalk are blocking about half of it.
  • Busses stopped in one of the travel lanes cause other street traffic to back up for blocks.

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