Sometime in the winter of 2006, my good friend Jonas and I had a couple burgers and some wine at Café Loup. Burgers so good in fact–and wine in an adequate quantity–that we decided to write about the experience. A short time later, Burger & Bordeaux ( came online. The idea of a burger blog was, and continues to be, far from original. For us, however, it was less about informing the public and more about giving us an excuse to eat burgers and drink wine on a semi-regular basis. Yes, we are selfish people.

We had a reasonable run, ate some quality burgers and quaffed our share of wine. And, in the process of writing about it, we used my favorite food blog word, devoid, on four separate occasions. But, as of this writing, it has been nearly a year since out last post. After a brief conversation, we decided that it was time to retire Burger & Bordeaux.

I know this loss may be tough to swallow for all one of our reader. But, there are many, many others out there eating and writing with much more frequency and doing a more thorough job. So, It’s not as if the burger eaters of NYC will be uninformed in our absence.

Thank you for reading our little burger blog and happy eating–don’t forget to put bacon on it.

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