Facebook? Rogue? Ryan Singel, on the Epicenter thinks so. In his post, he calls for an open alternative:

It’s time for the best of the tech community to find a way to let people control what and how they’d like to share. Facebook’s basic functions can be turned into protocols, and a whole set of interoperating software and services can flourish.

As Facebook continues to twist their privacy policy to meet their monetization needs, I tend to agree with Ryan–perhaps it is time to move on. We’re not alone, there is even a group of people forming a digital mass suicide pact (they are going to delete their Facebook profiles on 20/10/2010 at 20:10 GMT and suggest inviting some friends over for dinner to commemorate the occasion). And no, the irony that the digital mass suicide folks are using a Facebook fan page to get the word out is not lost on me.

via Hacker News

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