Dave Winer posted about the modern role of personal blogs:

The one place, for people who care enough to have a place, has to be independent of tech industry business models.

I couldn’t agree more. We should have the option to have control of what we create; blogs and personal websites give us that control.

There are a number of tools out there that allow one to use other services such as Facebook and Twitter to publish some or all of their content with links back to the source (IFTT immediately comes to mind). After all, it’s a lot easier to publish things on Facebook than it is to convince someone that doesn’t already use RSS regularly to start using it.

One of the things that seems to be missing is an easy way for someone to comment on these postings within their tool of choice and have those comments be available everywhere. For example, if I cross post to Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, any comments left on Facebook are not going to be make it back to my blog, let alone Tumblr or Twitter.

Update 2014-08-24: Chris Roos pointed at brid.gy in a reply to my comment on Dave’s post. It makes the connection between social networks and a blog. So, “likes” and other mentions that would normally stay on the network are posted back to the original source.

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