A group of people take pictures of a Manhattanhenge sunset on the Tudor City overpass.
Manhattanhenge: New Yorkers love a photo op.

On the way to see Field of Light, we happened upon a gaggle of people taking pictures of something. As we got closer, we realized it was Manhattanhenge (pictured above). It was a nice evening for it, and well worth stopping for. Even a busy Deliverista took a few minutes off to capture the moment.

In other news, the New York Times continues their journalistic assault on the Biden campaign. According to Jennifer Schulze of Heartland Signal, the NYT has published 192 articles and opinion pieces about Biden’s debate performance as of July 6th (via Letters from an American). The opposing campaign seems to be relatively quiet. I imagine their thinking is: Why bother saying anything if the New York Times goes on the attack for us?

Instead of the non-stop Biden bashing, how about some more in-depth coverage of Project 2025?


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