Lower Manhattan's workers take a break to check out the eclipse. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Blue macaw mural by Paulie Nassar at 178 Park Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Smoking skull street art. 34 East 12th, Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Yes, Bushwick does have a yacht club. Uptown R platform at Cortlandt Street Station. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Signs of spring: green shoots and magnolia petals. Park Place in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Infrastructure improvements continue at the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and Park Place in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Front door of 723 Union Street with a troll statue. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Passage to the downtown R platform at Cortlandt Street. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Chopped liver chalk board. Prospect Butcher. 665 Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The sausage selection at Meat Hook. 301 Sackett Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. No electioneering sign at the Knights of Baron De Kalb. 3000 Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Brucato, a deliciously potent amaro. No. 7 Restaurant, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. A repeat of sorts from February 10th. The ever-changing Key Food sign seems more permanent now. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Art through the window of an LIRR train. Atlantic Avenue & Havens Place, East New York, Brooklyn. Rooster mural. Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. Stingray pointers sign by guest photographer. Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, Florida. Suburban sidewalk. Largo, Florida. Horse warning sign. Center Road, Terra Ciea, Florida. An angry looking white Jeep that likes to 'Look Pretty and Play Dirty'. The duck collection on the dashboard seems to be a thing in these parts. Tyrone Square Mall parking lot, St. Petersburg, Florida. Symbols, Systems & Proportions by Erwin Redl. Tampa International Airport car rental center. Tampa, Florida. Wagon dog. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. A better shot of the magnolia tree. Park Place, Brooklyn. Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius. Park Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Magnolias starting to bloom. Park Place, Brooklyn. The Jazz Gallery. 1158 Broadway, 5th floor, Manhattan. Ana María Hernando's To Let the Sky Know. Madison Square Park, Manhattan. A discarded Amazon delivery bag. Amazon frequently leaves these around the city, thanks. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. 4 World Trade Center and the top of the Oculus. World Trade Center, Manhattan. The decrepit wall (or fence) that made an appearance here on 07MAY fell revealing the trash heap and open electrical box behind. 178 Park Place, Brooklyn. Graffitied truck and a newish hotel in the background. Between the hotel and truck will soon be a massive, mixed-use building. 526 Baltic Street, Brooklyn. Construction on the 1 Line. Chambers Street Station, TriBeCa, Manhattan. No picture today. Will this be the last 404 of this project??? Flatbush Avenue and 7th Avenue looking South. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Brooklyn House of Detention demolition. 275 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. Parking sign. Flatbush Avenue at 8th Avenue. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. MTA Substation. 77 Murray Street, TriBeCa, Manhattan. An excellent question posed from the back of a Mercury. Also, a rare self-portrait. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Even more 404. No picture today. An intergalactic minivan. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. More 404. No picture today. Should have really done something for leap day. More 404. No picture today. Church Street Post Office. 90 Church Street, Manhattan. Tile directional subway signs. 42nd Street/Bryant Park Station, Manhattan. SNOW BALL FIGHT!!! Leftover sign from last weekend. Love the organization. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Classic car. Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Escalator down, Friday rush. World Trade Center, Manhattan. No vaping at DeKalb Avenue Station. Downtown, Brooklyn. Contrail at sunset. 230 Vesey Street. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Sunset view. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Six Garfield cantilevers over 265 4th Avenue, which will also become Six Garfield. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Candle and soot in the WC at Joseph Leonard. 170 Waverly Place, West Village, Manhattan. Snowpeople and sledders in Prospect Park, Brooklyn Empathy in the subway. 7th Ave Station, Park Slope, Brooklyn A precarious perch for cleaning. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Golden hour downtown. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Another beautiful LP for the collection. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. 'Another night on Flatbush' at Park Place. Park Slope, Brooklyn. A hyper-local ad campaign featuring an ice cream messiah. Carroll Street and 5th Avnue, Park Slope, Brooklyn. The ever changing signage at the Key Food on Flatbush Avenue. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Red in the morning. A fiery sunrise on Park Place. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Something old on something new. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The way to the E train signage on the downtown R platform. Cortlandt Street Station, Financial District, Manhattan. Another '404' Red Ball Festival to celebrate Lunar New Year. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Perforated loading dock doors at the Performing Arts Center, World Trade Center, Manhattan. Typical situation at the club, 10 people watching one guy do some work. Miramar Yacht Club, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Door to a mysterious, almost unmarked, room at Ikea. Maybe meatball storage. Red Hook, Brooklyn. Spray paint marks the spot of soon to be installed subway platform barriers. 7th Avenue Station, Park Slope, Brooklyn. What a difference a week makes. Amaryllis really blooming now. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Two middle aged men in a bar. Union Hall, 702 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Heavy machinery in the Oculus. Usually this beast sits to the side, near the PATH station. Occasionally, they roll it out to do some work. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Paper doggie in the window. 834 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn. The front door of the Jazz Record Center. Chelsea, Manhattan. Someone left a decorated LP behind on the W train. Whitehall Street Station, Financial District, Manhattan. Antonio's Pizzeria neon sign on Flatbush Ave. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Missing... Red in the morning. City Hall Park at Broadway & Murray Street. Civic Center, Manhattan. The amaryllis starts to bloom. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Private Passage by Malcolm Cochran. A ship's stateroom in a bottle. West 56th & Hudson River Greenway, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan. No ice swimming for dogs at the park. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. How to get that jam nite vibe. Neighbors and passers by think I'm insane. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Everybody waits for their morning coffee (big yawn). World Trade Center, Manhattan. Original doors leading from the subway to the PATH station. World Trade Center, Manhattan. The tundra of Park Place. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Cleft Ridge Span. Completed in 1872, this is the first cast concrete structure in the US. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. JFK bust at Grand Army Plaza on a snowy day. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Creepy schoolyard, at night anyway. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Remains of a flourless chocolate cake. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. All Skate! Battery Park City, Manhattan. So much for finishing this project 'strong'. So much for finishing this project 'strong'. More trash, someone throwing away some really nice marine life photos. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn A discarded calendar shows when camp ended in 2022--and reveals the password to the staff computer. Exact location withheld to protect the security unconscious, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn What remains of Stella Maris. 2702 Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn Jam nite, again. Tonight, we're recording-cover your ears. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Evening rush and shadows. World Trade Center, Manhattan. It's sushi night. Geido, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Post-holiday trash night, as far as the eye can see. Park Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Kitchen deco. Crown Heights, Brooklyn. A stroller-free zone. Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Fishing boat. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Jam nite! Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. 404 404 Hazy view of Jersey City skyscrapers. Battery Park City, Manhattan. A Christmas Roast. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Geese flying south. Southport, Connecticut. blank Hoodoos by Joan Benefiel. Finn Square Park, TriBeCa, Manhattan 404 Luminaries in the Winter Garden. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Nothing to see here. Photo on loan to another site. A decorated bench. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. And another missing day. More to come! Saratoga Springs History Museum. Saratoga Springs. Looks like a party. Homewood Suites, Saratoga Springs. Two days in a row. Nada. The uptown A arrives and the signal turns red. TriBeCa, Manhattan. Brooklyn's Largest Menorah has a little more flash this year. Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. Old Transit Authority sign. 4th Avenue & Garfield Place. Gowanus, Brooklyn. Reflected light. Battery Park City, Manhattan. There was nothing to take a picture of on this day. Happy Birthday balloon bike. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Fresh mulch has arrived! Park Slope, Brooklyn. This is becoming a regular occurrence. A Christmas tree is erected in an unusual place at Grand Army Plaza (due to arch restoration). Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Beaux-Arts Court at the Brooklyn Museum. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. A smiling, decorative gourd. 108 8th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Closing out the month with another missing photo. Luminaries at Brookfield Place. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Once again, a missing photo. Coming soon: Holiday light display. World Trade Center, Manhattan. A seasonally inappropriate and menacing skeleton atop 208 Flatbush Avenue. Park Slope, Brooklyn. This could have been a 'footage not found day', but I snapped this at the last minute. It's the wrong amp for the job, but at least I plugged in and played today. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Dog and bowl. 212b Pacific Street, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Mural by Marissa Molina at the Underhill Walls (214 Underhill Avenue). Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. You're a star--the newest photo prop downtown. Battery Park City, Manhattan. All skate in the Oculus. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Bell Atlantic Terminal Box, from the pre-Verizon days. Park Place/WTC subway corridor. Manhattan. Runway 24 at Schiphol Airport. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Concrete grazing cow in a park on Albert Neuhuysstraat. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Minion CARL by Frankey. Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cyclist on Achter de Dom seen through a doorway of Domkerk. Utrecht, Netherlands. Kromme Nieuwgracht from Janskerkhof. Utrecht, Netherlands. Wuppertaler Schwebebahn at Kaiserstrße and Bahnstraße. Wuppertal, Germany. Sponge Bob Kölsch Pants. Lindenstraße 62, Cologne, Germany. Steel rolls on steel wheels. Duisburg, Germany. Elbphilharmonie Plaza visitors. Hamburg, Germany. Bottleart at Old Elbtunnel Viewpoint. Hamburg, Germany. Osnabrück Hauptbahnhof. Osnabrück, Germany. Time for Fear & Ecstasy in New York. 'Escapement' by Raqs Media Collective. NRW K21 Museum Düsseldorf, Germany. Cartwheel cover. Düsseldorf, Germany. Pedestrian stairs (and a feitser) in the Maastunnel. Rotterdam, Netherlands. The library at the Maritime Museum. Rotterdam, Netherlands. Jetway at gate B24 pulls away from a KLM flight. JFK Terminal 4, Queens. Loafing. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Canstruction Honey Bear. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Subway dance party! 7th Avenue Station, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Up escalator. Lexington - 53rd Street Station. Midtown East, Manhattan. Scary stuff. 7th Avenue, Park Slope, Manhattan. What remains of the Hotel Pennsylvania. 138 West 33rd Street, Manhattan. Clean up day at Miramar. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Yet another missed day. Georgie Nakima painting a mural at the site of the future 2 World Trade Center, Manhattan. Interesting signage. About face for juggler, I think. Chambers Street Station, TriBeCa, Manhattan. A rare selfie on this site. Sheepshead Bay Road & Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Another one... Peace Project. 314 West 22nd, Chelsea, Manhattan. Niall's on 52nd. Midtown, Manhattan. Gimme some bread! Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Another spooky scene. Park Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Not sure about the movie, but can certainly survive a night at Freddy's Bar (arguably the best bar in Brooklyn). 7th Avenue Station, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Fresh sidewalk on Plaza Street West. Park Slope, Brooklyn. No picture. Really, how hard is it to take just one crap photo a day? Bears may be about. Tewksbury Township, New Jersey. Red Mill Museum. Clinton, New Jersey. Water’s Soul by Jaume Plensa. Also, downtown Manhattan, some Disney Cruise ship, Jersey City. Hoboken, New Jersey. Getting kind of spooky. Park Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Video wall test patterns as art on the former (and future) Century 21 Store. World Trade Center, Manhattan. The Oculus. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Yet another photo of nothing. We're seeing a lot of these lately. Banister dragon. 7th Avenue and Sterling Place, Park Slope, Brooklyn. This portapotty used to be really hip, but now it's more family friendly and overpriced. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Park Avenue and 31st Street looking uptown on a rainy morning. Midtown South, Manhattan. Another picture of nothing. Looking north on Flatbush Avenue at Sterling Place. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. 4 World Trade Center, Manhattan. Party on the 11th floor! Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Cross sheeting. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Amazon delivers late. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Where the sidewalk ends. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. If I were mayor, (well behaved) dogs would be allowed in bars. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. (Loud) Christian rock music on wheels. Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. The answer is yes. Blue Smoke, Battery Park City, Manhattan. Misty evening. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Tropical storm Ophelia drops more rain on the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and Park Place. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. NYC Skate Marathon participants. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. New dishwasher! Yes, this is how the installation guys leave it. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Waiting for tacos at the truck. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The Municipal Building, seen from Greenwich Street. Tribeca, Manhattan. Sunset reflected by a distant downtown Brooklyn. Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. Old Town Bar. 18th Street, Union Square, Manhattan. Dog parents note: Place your poo bags IN a trash can, not atop an overturned one. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The canal is a lovely shade of green today. Gowanus, Brooklyn. MTA contractors don't believe in drop cloths. 7th Avenue Station, Brooklyn. Escalators at Brookfield Place. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Picture of nothing. Many, many one-way signs on Vesey Street. World Trade Center, Manhattan. The new World Trade Center reflected in the old Millennium Hotel. World Trade Center, Manhattan. A rainbow after the storm. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Fresh figs from Brooklyn's Riviera. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn That's a lot of dog. Look, another delivery guy on a moped! Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Ren-new-vation! 7th Avenue Station could use some sparkle as evidenced by the condition of the tile upon which this poster has been hung. Park Slope, Brooklyn. The Masal Plus train in front of 1809 Emmons Avenue (behind a delivery guy riding his moped on the sidewalk, not surprising. What is surprising is that he isn't wearing a balaclava). Anyway, haven't seen the Masal Express on the street this year. In the past, they would drive it around Manhattan Beach to keep the kids occupied while the parents dined. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Behind the construction fence at 2902 Emmons Avenue. Used to be a little waterfront Italian restaurant, then a vacant lot. Good to see some activity, although, it's sporting a stop work order at the moment. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Greg Tate by Nettrice Gaskins at MoCADA Ubuntu Garden, 48 Lafayette Avenue. Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. A free range peacock at the zoo. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. NYPD fuel truck (did you know these existed) at Prospect Park. Flatbush Avenue near Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn. Champagne sailing off of Breezy Point. Queens, New York. Oculus - Kristin Jones & Andrew Ginzel. World Trade Center E Platform, Manhattan. 1 World Trade Center reflected in 4 World Trade Center. Battery Park City, Manhattan. Empty queues at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. World Trade Center, Manhattan. In the studio. Or, what happens when I forget to take an outdoor picture one day. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Missing stairs at 57 Livingston Street. Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn Bridge and the Financial District. East River. Hive by Leo Villareal at Bleecker Street/Broadway Lafayette Stations. Manhattan. A view of the Empire State Building from the mall (Hudson Yards). Midtown West, Manhattan. Portal to another place and time? Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Uptown from the downtown. Times Square Q Station, Manhattan. Everybody waits for their lunch. Battery Park City, Manhattan. A message to the denizens of Grand Army Plaza. Park Slope, Brooklyn Sailing! Well, something like this anyway, the real GPS track was lost. Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn Artist & Craftsman Supply on 2nd Street with a new luxury condo in the background. Park Slope, Brooklyn 28 Liberty Street (f.k.a. One Chase Manhattan Plaza) entrance to Wall Street 2/3 Station. Financial District, Manhattan. This stark, white hallway has looked pretty much the same for many years with two major differences. There was shoe repair place opposite the MTA booth (behind the photographer), which is no longer there. Also, a series of black and white photos from the construction of the building above hung on the right wall. Both the cobbler and the pictures are missed. The Book of HOV at the Brooklyn Public Library. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 64 Plymouth with a flat on Park Place. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Street art on Underhill Avenue obscured by plants. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn A sunflower making its way west. Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn Ribs on the grill. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Friday night fireworks at Coney Island, from the ocean, Brooklyn Happy hour. TriBeCa, Manhattan. Polishing the performing arts center. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Golden hour. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn The weather radar has looked like this a lot lately. New York, NY The Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph - Saint Teresa of Avila. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Steak! Sorry, it was the only picture I took all day. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Construction is coming along at Grand Army Plaza. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Underground infrastructure works in front of 255 Greenwich Street. World Trade Center, Manhattan Full moon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Champagne sailing off Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Great chef. Photo credit: Unknown. Tribeca, Manhattan. Plein air painting in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Giant teddy bear on Bergen Street. Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Sunset with St. Augustine's in the background. Park Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Finishing up the sidewalks and roadway at Greenwich and Vesey Streets. World Trade Center, Manhattan. Movie night in the park. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. 70s era Impala protected by an 80s era anti-theft device (The Club). Beach 108th Street, Rockaway Park, New York. Tacoway Beach bike in front of Rockaway Beach Surf Club. Beach 87th Street, Rockaway Beach, New York Holmes Electric Protection window decal. Forest Hills, New York. This company has an interesting history, look them up. Metro Man at the Transit Museum Shop. Grand Central Terminal, New York Litchfield Villa. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Wet paint at the pergola. Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. Dusty electric bass, rarely played in summer months. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Reflections. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Sailing into the (smokey) sunset. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The rain finally stopped, for now. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Many questions at the farmer's market. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Accending the stairs at 7th Avenue Station. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Missed a day, sorry. Wilted wildflowers. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Rat! 5th Avenue & 37th Street, Manhattan. Large print at Brooklyn Public Library. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Bond car. Saratoga Springs, NY. Lyrical Ballad Bookstore. Saratoga Springs, NY. Saratoga Springs, NY. Penn Station, Manhattan. Downwind sailing, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Poolside. Westport, CT. Airplane hanger. Stratford, CT. No clearance. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Morning coffee aboard Uno. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Radar dome at Floyd Bennett Field. Jamaica Bay, New York. Rubbish atop a high-tech bin. Park Place and Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Robot sculpture at 190 Prospect Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Stop stressing on Fiske Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Looking North on West Broadway, World Trade Center, New York. Hurricane Sandy high water mark, Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club, Brooklyn. Scafolding on Park Place, Brooklyn. Optimist class boats built by the Brooklyn Boatworks. Miramar Yacht Club, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. A runner alights from the Brighton Beach bound B at Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. Don't miss the small signs. Battery Park City, Manhattan. A sliver of a moon, for which the camera does no justice. Somewhere nearby, a fire. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Sunset on harbor at Strong Rope Brewery. Red Hook, Brooklyn. Sunset from the rooftop. Upper West Side, Manhattan. Bar still life. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Setting up for post Philharmonic fireworks. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Made with pride, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Reflections on the soon to be opened performing arts center at the World Trade Center, Manhattan. Up escalator at 72nd Street on the Q. Manhattan Freshly cut grass in Long Meadow, Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Citibikes, dog in backpack, in progress residential at 5th Avenue and Baltic in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Heading out to sea on Uno, for a few minutes anyway. Rockaway Inlet, Brooklyn. Morning reflection on the door taken as a sign it was time to go sailing, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Kobra's Frida Kahlo mural at 360 Prospect Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Manhattan skyline disappeared by smoke as seen from Battery Park City. Don't look up! The sun obscured by Canadian wildfire smoke as seen from Flatbush and 7th Avenues in Brooklyn. Big pipes in front of 250 Park Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The shrouded Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. An elaborate sidewalk dining 'shed' on Lafayette in Manhattan. Air conditioning seems a little over the top though. Sixpoint Crisp and a (remote) 'Tales of the Sea' session, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. By the way, Sixpoint Crisp is the offical summer beer of Team Uno. A view from the end of the bar, No. 7 Restaurant, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. UFO car on Underhill Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. A view of the Municipal Building from Cardinal Hayes Place in Manhattan. The soup du jour might be watery, but it's delicious. The back door of 347 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Currently a Chipotle outpost. Coney Island by the Sea. Rockaway Inlet Buoy 20. A Wild Life for Wildlife at the World Trade Center. Flyer for lost pet boar near Prospect Park, Brooklyn. New art going up on Vesey Street at the World Trade Center. The Carousel in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Advertising for Lokum in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. I think the implication is that Lokum is the place to bust a move. Live jazz at the Brooklyn Public Library, Main Branch. Setting up (or stealing) a large American flag at the Occulus. Hot dogs and taxis at Brookfield Place on Vesey Street. Pizza chef in front of Antonios on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Backyard sunset - Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Another street find, an entire World Book Encyclopedia set, milk crate included! Back Pocket plays in front of 204 6th Avenue in Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music's Open Stages 2023. Sailing into the sunset near Coney Island, SV Coco in the distance. Omar's! One of the best chicken shawarmas in the city. Delicious! Reflections from one of the devices now lining Cortlandt Way at the World Trade Center. They make music when you spin them. A duck finding a little fountain. Looks like a dog may have recently been there based on the trail of wet leading up the stairs. A big trench and no crosswalk at Greenwich and Murray in Lower Manhattan. Park Place, Brooklyn. This used to be a row of little storefronts. The building was demolished several years ago and now it is an overgrown lot surrounded by a slowly disintegrating wall. A delicious Aperol Spritz--the first of the year! Through the fence--Celebrate Brooklyn getting set up at the Prospect Park Bandshell. Thames Street. Speedy Park. West Broadway and Warren, TriBeCa. Wings for the IRT: The Irresistible Romance of Travel - Jane Greengold at the Grand Army Plaza IRT station in Brooklyn. One World Trade Center and an under construction Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center in the background. A couple people looking at their phones, as was the style at the time. Rainy West Broadway and Reade Street in TriBeCa. A rainy Saturday in New York, underground--on the downtown Q platform at 34th Street. Off the Wall - Lost shoe at the school on Vanderbilt and Sterling Place in Prospect Heights. Metal gate in front of Japanese maple on 8th Street in Park Slope Cortlandt Street R platform exit stairs at One Liberty Plaza. Arches at the New York Telephone Company Building. Blue dude, sanding a boat bottom in Sheepshead Bay Sunset on Park Place between Vanderbilt and Carlton in Brooklyn. A lot of NYPD vehicles and one non-NYPD car at Grand Army Plaza. The NYPD is gearing up for tomorrow's Brooklyn Half Marathon. Not sure what the other car is up to, other than getting a ticket. A big dig on Park Place between 5th and 6th Avenues in Brooklyn. A beer, in the early evening at Bayard's on Hudson Street--before the room got frat-tacular. A very green hosta. Sometimes, even when walking by hundreds of interesting things during the day, I end up taking a picture of a plant in front of the apartment. 1 Park Row construction site. Intersection of Broadway, Park Row, Vesey and Ann Streets. The Oculus and World Trade Center in fog. The Internet is Not the Answer. A guest photographer captures some free books up for grabs on Park Place in Brooklyn, NY. Under a purple, flowering tree in Prospect Park near Grand Army Plaza. A little sailboat sculpture welded to a light post on Sheepshead Bay's Manhattan bound platform on the B/Q line. Sunset at Sheepshead Bay's Coney Island bound platform on the B/Q line. No. 7 Restaurant, a view from the bar. Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Back door of the Brooklyn Public Library branch on 4th Avenue, ajar. Walkers in the morning light, downtown, World Trade Center. Street art featuring Grace Jones in Brooklyn.