This looked like a get way to get started with WSJT-X. I already had a CAT cable and thought I just need to connect the audio using this data cable. My goal was to try FT8. So far, I have had mixed results. Receive seems to work fine. Transmit, not so much. That CAT cable will signal the 857D to xmit, but I get no modulation in USB mode which is suggested for FT8. Sound is coming from my sound card and arriving on the “data in” pin, but the 857D does not seem to recognize sound on that pin.

Has anyone been able to get this cable to work with FT8 and WSJT-X?

Interestingly, I can split the data out from the sound card and feed to a speaker at the same time. If I hold the mic to the speaker, I can confirm hits on test receivers! How do I get the 857D to recognize the “data in” pin instead of the mic input????