Unfortunately, I missed National Take Back Your Time Day as I was at work, but I thought this was a good article about it and the burgeoning movement that started it. America is obsessed with productivity and it shows. According to the gross domestic product per capita, America is the most productive nation. Americans are working an average of nine additional weeks per year than Western Europeans. All this productivity comes at a dear price, the organizers of Take Back Your Time Day point out that Time Poverty is contributing to increased rates of heart disease, hypertension and mental disorders.

I think Take Back Your Time day is a great idea but the organizers might be better served by holding it on a weekend. After all, Take Back Your Time day is not about quitting your job altogether, it is about balancing your life. So, wouldn’t it make more of a statement to have Take Back Your Time day on a day when many people are supposed to have the day off, but find themselves working anyway?

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