Comparison of three MTA style, smiley-face, PSA graphics through time: 2020 asks people to wear masks, 2022 indicates that masks are optional, while 2024 shows someone behind bars for wearing a mask.
Graphic source: @luckytran

While many are still reeling from Governor Hochul’s last minute halt of congestion pricing, she has another bright idea for NYC public transit: A mask ban. Also, let us not forget when she deployed the National Guard to check bags at subway entrances when the real action is on the trains and platforms. Her actions show that she disconnected from the facts on the ground when it comes to transit. She shouldn’t be dictating transit policy for the the city.


As promised, I posted a project page for the Pearson Ensign Outboard Motor Mount I designed a few weeks ago. I haven’t been to the boat in a week, I assume that bracket is still doing what it’s supposed to do.

I’ve been slow to start my traditional, pre-summer activities. Not much sailing has happened yet and I just got around to planting some of the containers on the deck this weekend. The solstice is right around the corner, so I need to kick it into high gear.


Screenshot of a New York Times headline "Hocheul Halts Congestion Pricing in a Stunning 11th-Hour Shift" and photo of Gov. Kathy Hochul in front of an American flag.

Just two weeks ago, the governor told attendees at the Global Economic Summit in Ireland that implementing congestion pricing was critical to “making cities more livable.”

Grace Ashford – NY Times

So, Hochul is actively working to make our city less livable. Really well done, Governor. We were so close too. I fooled myself into thinking this might actually happen. Will we need to wait another 10 or 15 years for leadership that has the political backbone to pass this legislation?

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A small, bass pedalboard with preamp, chorus and Beat Buddy pedals on a wood floor with a hand written set list.

On the jam this week, we decided to get somewhat more organized: I put together a playlist ahead of time. Not surprisingly, the jam was smoother without the usual “what are we playing next” routine where I suggest a song and the other guys suggest alternatives. We also added a new (for us) song that sounded shockingly good the first time through. Our set list is somewhat eclectic, but I can see us heading in a slightly more rockabilly direction. If that’s the case, I might need an upright bass.

A friend had some BBQ sauces delivered from Alabama this week. We tried them out on some chicken, the verdict: The Dreamland BBQ sauce is delicious and the Big Bob Gibson White Sauce is, perhaps, and acquired taste. I’ll give the white sauce a couple more chances, but it may prove too mayonnaisey for my tastes.

The 3D printed boat part I designed came back from the printer this week. While the print quality on this one isn’t as good the as the first, it should work. I’ll drop a full write-up in the Projects section after I’ve installed it on the boat.

Finally, I noticed some weirdness on the site this week. No, is not (intentionally) hawking prescription drugs. Someone managed to inject spam into a few of the pages and posts recently. I think I’ve removed all of it now, and security has been tightened to prevent it from happening in the future.