Last Sunday, I spent the rainy day designing a part for the boat. On a friend’s recommendation, I used Autodesk Fusion. I was surprised that that there’s a version of Fusion available free for personal use. I was also surprised that it was relatively easy to get started–even for someone whose last 3D design experience was decades ago and involved pencils and drafting tools. I sent part of the part out for printing to check a couple things before getting the large parts printed. I’ll post more details after those parts arrive. I suspect there might be some design tweaks needed.


The posts here have been skewing toward sourdough bakery lately, a lot. The last loaf I made might have been one of the best though. I’ll try to broaden the scope of my posts a bit in the future…

In other news, we checked out a few of the groups performing at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music’s Open Stages. This is a really special neighborhood event worth marking the calendar for (next year).


I tried another variation of the Low Effort Sourdough Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread today. The result was so great, I neglected to take a picture of it before it was (mostly) eaten. The ratio of whole wheat to bread flour was changed to:

  • 80% whole wheat flour
  • 10% bread flour
  • 10% oats, pulsed in blender to resemble flour

The dough was noticeably drier and easier to work than the original recipe, or even the 75% whole wheat flour version. After baking, it is just a touch more dense, but still soft and sandwich-ready. The crust also seemed more tender than usual.

Special thanks to @dbazuin for giving me these flour ratios. See, sometimes you should listen to people on the internet.

Black and white photo of Dave Brubeck at a piano with text: "SORRY, NERDS 5/4 IS DAVE BRUBECK DAY"

Another week has passed and I have little to share other than this excellent May the 4th meme of unknown provenience. Credit to the owner. Or, is it credit to the creator? Either way, I take no credit–just sharing.


Sailing season is right around the corner–in this part of the world anyway. Uno went into the water this week, unexpectedly early thanks to some of the guys at the club. That’s one less thing on my pre-season todo list. The next step is cleaning and rigging. I hope to get a shakeout sail in over the next couple weeks.

I did some more tweaking/experimenting with my Low Effort Sourdough Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread. The results were good. Plus, I got some good advice on Mastodon about pushing the whole wheat content even higher and adding some oat flour. I’ll try that out next weekend.